Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some Before Pictures

I told Mr. if we took all of our before pictures at night, and our after pictures in the morning, then it would REALLY look like we made progress!

Here are some random before pictures...

I didn't get any of the second bath, or the second and third bedroom; by then Jr. was starting to have a meltdown.

Front doors, from the inside.

Notice the sunken room? That will be filled one way or another. Incidentally, it tried to kill me last night.

The sunken living room.

Love the big window! This house has a good design. And does that carpet look student-rentery or what!? Gross.

More front room.

On the very left you can see the wall separating the front room from the rest of the living area. You can also see a giant hole punched in it. Mr. did that... We are going to open up the wall and rebuild it as book shelves.

The view straight back from the front door.

The entrance to the Master bedroom is to the left, just out of the photo. Notice the sweet chandelier held up by zip ties? 

A similar view of the same spot; you can see where the kitchen lies with respect to the rest of the place. Jr. had fun exploring the back porch... For a while...

On to the kitchen.

If you walk up to the bar counter that you see in the previous picture, this is what you see. Fab, huh? That microwave will go. We would like a proper vent hood much better.

A little to the right of the previous shot.

Nice fridge spot, with fridge surrounding cabinets. The cool thing is that we get to pick our fridge (off of Craigslist, haha) and build our cabinets to fit around it.

To the right of the shot are the 2 other bedrooms and the second bath, as well as a linen closet and pantry. I didn't get pics of any of these.

More kitchen, new view.

You can catch a glimpse of the dishwasher next to the sink; again, I would rather have the space! I hate dishwashers. Jr. would probably go on strike if I used a dishwasher; washing dishes is one of his favorite activities. We actually think we will move the sink to where the DW is, so that it is centered on that lovely 8' window. We have glorious plans for the sink equipment; stay tuned.

Stand in the same spot, turn back toward zip-tied chandelier...

Nice long room!!! Big enough to host Thanksgiving... Even when we have a bunch of kids :-)
The door you see goes to the Master bedroom.

Looking toward the back porch from the Master bedroom door. Notice how I strategically left the blinds closed so that the room looks even worse than it is? It worked! I love the big doors and back porch access, though.

Master closet, directly across from the porch doors.

I had never seen folding doors on a walk-in closet before... But Jr. liked it. Directly to the left is the hall leading to the master bath.

Toilet and shower... We will replace both.


That's a pretty exciting double sink, isn't it? We will be replacing these, too.

Some pictures taken from the Master bedroom door to the porch.

The window that you see is the one over the kitchen sink.

So that's all for now, folks. Maybe I will get pictures of the other half of the house up some time... And the garage... Yeah, I missed a lot. But at least you get a flavor for the monumental project that we have undertaken!

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