Monday, July 22, 2013

Down With Solar

Quite literally, actually.  And not in the large-scale policy or economic way, either.  Just very locally.

The house came with a 3-trough single-axis-tracking water-heater-booster system.  That was not connected.  And looked like it was installed by Jimmy Carter himself. The supports were rusting through (and it looked like they were laid OVER the latest shingles?!?), the drive mechanism was seized and stuck, and it just represented a roof liability.

So this morning I tore it off, to prep for the roofers (who did not want to deal with it - surprise!). 

It was loud.  You try throwing a 2.5m aluminum parabolic trough onto rocks sometime.  And then throwing a steel frame onto that.  And so on.  Sorry, neighbors! (it was early)

Now to the scrapyard with the Al and the Cu.

Other notes - ordered concrete stain/sealer/wax from, out of Shawnee, OK.  I like Oklahomans. They seem like good folk.  And when I was in Tulsa on business once upon a time, I saw a DeLorean made up like the BTTF car, complete with a Mr. Fusion on the back.  It was rad.  But I digress.

All carpet except the living room is yanked, along with tack strips.  I aim to nail the living room tomorrow, and start pulling tile up in the main area.  Home Despot has a diamond-blade wheel for their floor buffer, which will allow a nice surface prep prior to staining.  There will definitely be before/after pictures of the floors - I'm excited about them.

Later today I will go to the plumbing supply to see if they can beat for the piping and fittings.  I got outbid on a Wirsbo tool on ebay, rats.  Then back to campus to meet my TA and interview a grader.  Did I mention I start teaching in exactly one month?  Then home, then maybe some building-related errands with the family. We've gotta get cracking.

On that note, I need to call the butcher block people, but they closed 15min ago. Tomorrow...

Also this week's lunch expenditure was $13.50, including cheese, 4 avocados, 5 apples, 4 peaches, 6 bananas, green leaf lettuce, 4 bell peppers, 3 cucumbers, and 5 tomatoes.  And my lunch was delicious.

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