Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meta-Materials, or, A Plea

Dear America,

Please stop putting floors on top of other floors.  Have you ever cursed the builder/former owner/occupant/property manager for doing shoddy, cheap, work that you now get to clean up?  If you're a homeowner, I'll bet the answer is Yes. 

America, let's break the cycle.  Do good work right the first time.  Do good work right when you repair.  Do good work right when you're helping your buddy.  Do it well, do it once.

Jesus tells us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  This should hold in home repair, as in all other things.

My brother-in-law (a civil engineering undergrad) blithely referred to the floor you see above as a "tile-linoleum composite".  We engineers understand that composite materials synthesize desirable properties and mitigate drawbacks of individual components, making a whole that is greater than the parts.  The meta-material you see above is highly chisel-resistant, and ensures thorough pulverization of the tile superstructure in any attempt to remove it.  It is a tenacious material, suitable for use in institutions, or to institutionalize people working to remove it.

People of America, we are better than this.  First, don't put down linoleum.  Second, don't put anything on top of linoleum.  Third, return to the first point.

The floors are all out now, though currently in piles of tiles while we wait for the roofers' dumpster to be gone so I can order my own.

Behold, the shambles!
The countertop in the foreground is gone, now, too.  And my ever-amenable brother-in-law helped pick up a Grizzly 5048 tablesaw last night, so I now have the cornerstone of my soon-to-be cabinet shop to rebuild the kitchen.  Just need to get the carpet and pad rolls out of the garage to set it up...

Floor coloring should arrive today, and I hope to be cleaning the floor this Saturday and getting prepped to stain late next week.  I want to do the re-plumbing before I stain, though, and the order arrives Monday.  Yeesh, there are a lot of plates spinning right now.

But never forget to stop and smell the flowers.  My son has much to teach me.

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