Sunday, July 28, 2013

Demolition Progress

The house is now well underway in the demolition process and completely unlivable. 

The front doors, notice the flooring is gone (but not the mastic... Yet).
The living room.
That used to be a wall, now it's on its way to becoming a bookshelf.

Other side; view into the dining area.

Ohhh that chandelier is still up. It will come down. Soon. The door you see goes to the master bedroom.

Kitchen. Isn't she stunning?

Second bathroom, demolition underway.
Who needs sinks?

It's hard to take a decent picture of a bedroom.

Have I mentioned that we have a pantry!? Woohoo!

Standing in the hall to the two bedrooms. I can see all the way to the front door. I love long views! 

Now across the the master...

Those same doors to the back porch, now in daylight with the blinds open.

Master closet, with a little bit of the bathroom at the extreme left. What you can't tell from that little reflection of me is that I am 28 weeks pregnant. Ha.

Master bath, shower and toilet are still relatively intact.

But the sinks are all gone!

I think that's the full tour. The garage is full of debris, not worth taking pictures of. 
Next I think we need to prep the floors for finishing and stain and seal the concrete (that will make EVERYTHING look better).
I guess there is a little more demo to do in the master bath, too.

I am looking forward to when we can make constructive progress!

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