Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Now?

The Mrs. and I were just discussing why we both bought into MMM, but have been nonplussed by Dave Ramsey (who my excellent brother really digs), had not heard of Suze Orman for ages until we did (then laughed: "Now, you'll need $7k more per month when the baby comes", then we find out she is NOT a comedienne), etc.   We have never had serious debt (defined in typical-consumer terms), we have always made enough money, and we thought we were, well, fine.

This is where the face-punching, continually-optimizing, thoughtful braggadocio of MMM comes in.  I'm an engineer myself, so I respect it when there are logical arguments, graphs, and algebra showing me that I am simultaneously a wussy- and complainypants consumer sukka, who can manage a WAY more frugal lifestyle than we currently do.  This resonated with the Mrs., too, who is genetically frugal (through her mom's side), and had never quite been comfortable with some of my "normal" spending habits.

Thus, coming across MMM at the conclusion of grad school, during which we developed a few small, flabby, yet real, frugality-muscles, was a godsend.  Now that we have a real income, we also have a commitment to 'stache it wisely and to think hard before spending it.  Who knows what would have happened if I'd got the real job before getting the real perspective?  A near-miss indeed...

But I have a confession.  I drove to work today.  I used the flimsy excuse of an afternoon meeting that required me to leave early, applying my casuistry to convince myself that because I was working fewer hours, I should spend more on getting there.  How that logic works, I don't know.  Tomorrow I get back on that horse and ride.

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