Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wha Happened?

"So did your mustache fall off, or just your readership?"

Ha ha.

Yes, the Miner Mustache Project continues, but there has not been much to report on the past few days.  We are pending on a short-sale project house, which we hope to hear about in a week or so.  The housing market in the Valley of the Sun is bonkers.  The inventory is low, the time on market is measured in winks of an eye, and the prices are climbing in a way that I haven't seen in six years...

I don't think another crash is imminent, but I don't want to be jockeying for my place in a stampede.  Thus, if this current prospect (which I believe to be a good value) falls through, we will chill in our condo for a while until a) I think the froth has settled or b) we have to move.  The latter may happen due to 1) growing family or 2) job prospects next year (my current position is research-funded, which means that when the money goes away, so do I).  So we're pretty sanguine at this point. 

If we stay in our condo, I will aim at the following projects, which would then be featured on this blog:

Kitchen remodel - cabinets, sink, and lighting; the appliances are fine.
Radiant barrier in the attic.  This is Phoenix.  Why didn't I do this a LONG TIME AGO?
Bathroom remodel(s)?  Both WCs need some updating (the fiberglass is wearing out in the ancient tub/shower inserts, and modern toilets would be nice).

That's all for now.  Adios.

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