Friday, May 17, 2013

The Internets

This is sort-of a follow-up post to my last one.  The internet tells you how to cook food.  GOOD FOOD.  THAI FOOD.

Since the Mrs. is still sick, and dinner planning is currently on my shoulders, this topic has recently become more vivid and pressing.

I am reminded of Ulysses Everett McGill in O Brother who prophesies that "yesiree, they're gonna hook us all up to a wire, a whole new way of living" (I paraphrase).  Yet, the internets happened without the Rural Electrification Act, and neither lightbulbs nor Ma Bell will help you cook Thai food for the Mrs.

This wonderful global communication network also tells you how to save money.  Yes, it tells you to spend money, and makes it way too easy to do so (Amazon one-click is a great idea for Amazon, not so much for the average Joe).  But the flood of best-practices available with a simple search is overwhelming.  In a few hours, you can read up on investing, framing a wall, pouring a concrete shower pan, and Thai food.  Did I mention the Thai food?  That was made with ingredients already in our fridge?  And was good?   But I digress.  Food is a pretty simple DIY "project", but it is a remarkably pervasive and recurring one, as well as one in which personal and family preferences play a large role.

We currently have pretty affordable housing ($600/mo death-contract + $130/mo HOA), we live 5 miles from where I work, so I bicycle, and the second car is still for sale, so we're working on the transportation side of things.  That leaves food as the remaining leg of the stool to work on (see Jacob's quiz).  And Food Network Kitchens is ever so happy to give you tasty recipes for free on the internet!

Anyhow, here's to the internet, a potent tool for good and evil and food.  Let's use it for good food and good living.

PS-Also it allows you to sell stuff!  Got rid of a motorcycle seat that had been kicking around (was a random gift, did not come close to being for my bike, don't ask).

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  1. The food he cooked was actually good; I can vouch for that. Also, three cheers for the motorcycle seat being out of our living room!