Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Being sick is not very Mustachian; or the introduction of The Mrs.

So just as we are beginning our über frugal journey, I had to go and get sick.

I don't usually take getting sick very seriously, but in this case a few factors came up to make me notice this bout. First of all, my sister got this one and ended up with a double-barreled ear infection and pneumonia. Secondly, after two weeks of trying to naturally remediate, I had gotten worse. Thirdly, as Mr. mentioned, I am pregnant. 
The combination of these three factors were enough to convince me to go to urgent care; not once, but twice (the first time they told me I was fine!?) 
The second time I got diagnosed with sinus infections and upper respiratory junk and went home with antibiotics. I spent way more money than I usually like to spend on anything, but I figured it was worth it to avoid something worse.

So... When I started feeling like I was getting an ear infection, I was not going to go back. I was already on antibiotics, so what were they going to do? Give me more?
It was time for natural remedies. I began with hydrogen peroxide in the ears (suggested by Wellness Mama at her blog, but that wasn't really cutting it. I have since moved on to four thieves vinegar in the ears, which seems to be a little more effective, if smelly. I tried tea tree oil in my ear this morning and that made it hurt like crazy. I am not sure if that is good or bad?
The best solution that I have found is purely analgesic, which is awesome for bedtime. A couple of drops of lavender and mint oil will make your ear feel like a radiant cool spot in your head, and once you have gotten over how weird that is, it is quite comfortable and very nice for sleeping.
Anyway, hopefully by using these crazy remedies I can avoid spending $100+ more on urgent care and antibiotics, and that's about as Mustachian as this is going to get.

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