Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saw, saw, saw away...

It's a little dark to see the cabinets, but there are now four of the six bases done.  The reason it is a little dark is 1) I have a not-so-hot camera on my phone, and 2) I took this shot at about 2am.  I am very thankful to have all of my digits, and there were not even any close calls (though I bunged up one cut, but it was a finished-end veneer piece, and I detest cutting thin, bendy material on the tablesaw).  As a general rule, though, it's probably not a great idea to use power tools when your eyes don't focus anymore.  At least not the tablesaw.

We got the countertops today.  There's an enormous skid in the garage, containing 547lbf of walnut countertops.  I's excited to install it.  Once the cabinets are done...

And, hilarity without end, I have a journal paper final draft due tomorrow.  Haw haw!  Do all the things!  Except sleep, that's not how you do all the things.

And I teach my very first real undergrad class tomorrow (at 7:30am)!  Not that I haven't taught before, but it was just programming in MATLAB, and not Thermodynamics, which I thoroughly love.


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