Thursday, August 29, 2013

Progress? Also, vacuums.

Slow but steady progress on the cabinets, but the first week of class has been a bear.  Hooray for the Monday holiday!  I would like to get countertops installed by then?  Yeah?

AND - vacuum repair is a total scam-ola.  They contain 1) an electric motor connected to 2) a blower.  They also have to be leak-tight.  That's about it.  There are very few circuits in a vacuum, and with a multi-meter, you should be able to figure out what is going on in any of them.

All that to say, the Mrs. was shocked to see her vacuum flash blue and let out smoke (pro tip- never let the smoke out of electronics, it cannot be put back in, and it makes them stop working; it's pure magic).  I looked it over, and sure enough, the REALLY TINY AND CHEAP switch (buried under a clever-looking plastic mechanism) had blown up.  It was a teeny slider switch, rated to 11A at 120V.  It looked like it should not have been rated above 1A, it was so chintzy.  Time passes, I go to Ace, get the best-fitting heavy-duty switch I can find, drill a hole in the decorative case where the switch should go, wire her up, and hey presto - an Electrolux with a retro-modern nickel-plated toggle switch.  It has a very crisp snap to it, and the vacuum works like a champ.

From the heady days of the wasp-waisted housewife holding a powered cleaning machine up by one finger comes the Ultralux by Electrolux.  You can imagine the four-pointed shiny stars that should be dazzling your eyes.  Now smack a Gemini-capsule style toggle switch between those feeble blue plastic rockers, and go forth to vacuum.

 It's very modern.

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  1. My vacuum works again. I don't care how many weird extra dongles it takes.