Tuesday, April 15, 2014


An older Raptitude post here. Well worth a read.

I started this house project because I wanted to feel capable, accomplished, powerful over my environment. Buying a house is a terrible way to do those things, even absent any discussion of whether those things are not, in themselves, terrible.

Why do we want to feel capable?  To pretend to be independent.
Why do we want to be (or look) accomplished?  Pride.
Why to we want power over our environment?  Because we are scared by our finitude.

In all cases, pride.

This house project has been one of the most humbling things I have ever undertaken, because, I suppose, God knew my bad motives going in and is working to eradicate them.

It is never of him who wills or him who runs, but of God who bring the increase.

All that to say, we press on with the house project, but hopefully with a clear understanding of what it is and is not, and why we are doing it.  It will be a nice place for our family to live.  That's the feeling to follow, nothing more.

Also, by way of update, ceilings are skim-coated and primed, working on painting them.  Bathroom 2 should be tiled this Saturday.  That will make a big difference.  Again, I rely much on the help of friends from church, so I really should get over any idea that I am doing anything other than slowly building skills to be used to help others some day.

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