Sunday, January 19, 2014

Truth, beauty, and stencils

Master bedroom; it's coming together.

That stencil pattern will be all over the blue wall.

I love the pattern!

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  1. This Steve Finnell person is odd to me. Off-topic posts are generally not appreciated, but for the sport of the thing, I point out exhibit a) the thief on the cross, and as supporting evidence WCF 28.5 and associated proof texts.

    As a general rule, it is imperative to keep Christ and Christ's work alone central to Christianity (duh, right?). The actions of the church and the persons within her are secondary to the work of Christ, which constitutes and charters her. Salvation is by no work of man, not even properly administered sacraments. Mr. Finnell comes unfortunately close to a Roman Catholic sacramentalist position on baptism.

    There now, we can go back to enjoying stencilling.