Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pulse Check

Yes, we're still alive, and still working on the house.  This winter we spent an abnormally large fraction of my generously long Christmas break being sick.  It was somewhat disheartening.

Now, thankfully, we are well again, and the work continues a pace... a pace less like a pace-car...more like a man with a pace-maker...

The 2nd bath vanity is all built and painted, ready for install and the countertop deck (we're tiling, so it will be 2 layers of ply with one layer of Hardibacker).

The paintable-waterproofing is up in both the bath areas, 2 coats.

The countertops have their final satin coats!  They are gorgeous, and I'll try to get Mrs. down there with her better phone for pictures.

The ceiling is being skim-coated.  This was a term I had to learn after I thought "texturing a ceiling is hard, painting the post-pocorn-scraped-ugly-thing is easy, let's try that first".  Paint can BE ugly.  But paint can't fix ugly.  So I did more research and found the keyword "skim coat".  That's the one where Mr. can just do it by walking around the house with a 12" knife and wearing out his shoulder.  Ladders are for shrimps (but so are cars, doors, and off-the-rack suits, so we'll call it a tie).

Lots more paint is on walls, and the garage is much less crowded now that I've cleaned out a bunch of the old junk for scrap $$. 

Slow and steady.

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