Friday, June 14, 2013

What Are The Odds?

Go look at this.

Axiom: You will die (should Christ tarry - and they don't have odds on that).

Now, you tell me, what keeps you up at night more: your son riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or driving/riding in a car?

Should we be more worried about bicycle commuters, or people who eat regularly?  

Also, watch out for hornets!  They're nastier than dogs or lighting.  Now, if the dogs and lightning TEAM UP, watch out... they'll be as dangerous as "Heat and hot substances".

And finally, cancer and heart disease suck, so stay healthy so they're more likely to get you when you're older.  Maybe ride a bike?  Go swimming (which is four times more dangerous than biking!)?  Play outside (only half as dangerous as cycling)?

Be safe out there...

But don't forget to be awesome.

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