Saturday, June 22, 2013

How not to be a jerk.

#this post is so not targeted#

So Mustachians can have this problem of being over zealous. After all, they got off their rear ends and changed their lives; you can do it too, wimp!
This is probably the kind of rhetoric that got them into Mustachianism in the first place. The Mr. got tired of being a complainypants who liked bedpans and catheters, so he got off his duff and started changing his lifestyle. 
However, not everyone is friendly to such a hard sell. Sometimes it is better to start slow. After all, saving a couple of bucks a month is better than not saving any money. Let's not let the great be the enemy of the good, here. 
If someone comments wistfully on an aspect of your lifestyle, give them some easy pointers. They might actually take your advice and save a few bucks. How cool would that be?

You could just say that you used to do (or not do) thus-and-such, too, until you read Mr. Money Mustache, tell them to google him, and let him yell at them to get off their lazy wasteful behinds instead. 

Either way, you probably won't ruin a friendship using either of these tactics.

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