Tuesday, June 23, 2015

In Which the Workload Is Reduced

This is my first week of 50% time!  I am excited. The college kids from our church were suggesting that I could now qualify for a T-shirt reading:

50% Spaceman,
100% Awesome

I am not sure I qualify for that.  But I will be a 50% spaceman going forward, and in the fall, a 50% spaceman who is learning Hebrew.  This is also exciting.

And, in the "you can't get rid of opportunities" column, I had a good visit with this gent today, and if he likes me well enough, I will get to help design an off-grid rammed-earth house.  There's a lot of thermal analysis in such a job, especially when you want to go totally untethered.  Can't run out of cold during a summer night.

So, I'm excited.  That's the takeaway message for today.

Tonight, I will paint a bookshelf.  And, now that I have a better phone, I may actually start taking photographs of these things I make, since you will not think that I am some cave goblin who makes dark blurry furniture (or the sort of person who kept using a Motorola Defy XT long after it was obsolete - same thing).

Also, we decided NOT to get a dog.  This was a difficult decision, because we like dogs, we particularly liked this particular, well-mannered adult dog that we met early in June, and because we believe that J.M. Barrie would not lie to us about parenting - dogs are competent nannies, yes?

But we decided not to.  We have lots to do, lots to think about, lots of other things that require money, and decided that we did not, at this time, need to adopt a canine.  Maybe another year...

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