Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Still actually alive

and putting radiant barrier in the attic.  I have done most of BR3 and about half of the master.  It is slow work, with lots of attic-crawling on my back, and stapling the mylar up into the joists.  But I anticipate a savings from it, and it made a difference in the master, which is at some remove down the ductwork.  It got less cold in the room at nights after the install, so that was good.

In other news, the kitchen is almost done!  And I mean, almost done.  Like, I have to build the corner-cabinet door and the over-fridge cabinet door, then we're good.  The vent hood is installed, but I need to fish vent duct through the attic, and I have been putting off attic work out of sheer laziness - it's annoying to get to that side of the house, crawling over the HVAC nest is required.  However, I would like to eventually do a full-up pipe insulation in the attic, and lay additional batts over all my ductwork.  That would help muches in the summer.

The garden is growing!  We have a 2'x12' bed going gangbusters with last fall's plants, and a third of our 6'x12' bed is planted with seeds and beginning to sprout with spring stuff! 

Also, beginning work on the front yard.  Prognosis is good, though the patient's present condition is poor.  Application of two lantana has not made a full remedy.  Flower beds are being dug, and we are planning for nut/fruit trees.

That's about it for now.

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