Friday, August 1, 2014

Progress and patience

Drawers are installed.  I had never hung drawers before, but now I have.  The Blum Movento slides are pretty slick.

Doors in 3 of the 6 interior frames, hooray.

Need to make cabinet doors pretty soon.

Hoping to move before too long, and finish the job from the inside...shorter commute to jobsite that way.

It's hard to trust God when you feel like you can DO something about a situation.  Then you are reminded (by the sudden death of a friend's son - who came from the same orphanage as our daughter-to-be) that nothing is in your hands.  God our Father holds us in the palm of His hand, redeemed by the Son and kept by the Spirit.  When He requires our soul, our time, our children, our money, our talents, we must hand them over.  And we must hand them over trusting that He gave them, He is taking them, and He will work out His good will in all things.

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