Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Router Wookie

As the Mrs. noted, I did indeed cut the sink hole, and cleaning up the edges with a router was 

Walnut cuts like a dream, though, with saws, drills, and the router. 

The countertop connector holes went in real easy-like, and I now have the hardware to do the butt joint.

But manipulating that whomping big (10' x 2' x 2") slab of walnut required some engineering - the cradle I laid it on to drill the countertop connector holes is pictured below.  It required flipping it from front to back.  By myself. 

But all is well!  Hoorah.  Fridge and stove came today, and the kitchen window is the next target - then the kitchen might be close to being done-for-done!

For the record, the countertops are beautiful, and we got them from Hardwood Lumber Co. in Ohio, and are finishing them using umpteen coats of Waterlox original, topped with one or two final post-install coats of Waterlox Satin.

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